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Underwater Crime Scene Investigation

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PDIC UWCSI Instructor
Jim "Toolbox" Reynolds
Hillsgrove Vol Fire Co EMT-B
SRT/Police Divers UW Crime Scene Investigator
PDIC Under Water Crime Scene Investigator
PDIC Scuba Instructor #80211
ADCI Commercial Diver

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Today’s Crime Scenes are usually portrayed as bodies lying on the ground and bullet casings scattered all around the marked off crime scene. In many cases this is true; however there are many different types of crime scenes. Since crime scenes have escalated and criminals are becoming more calculated and evasive, new areas to conduct crimes and to hide evidence have become water related incidents. These incidents have been as simple as finding a woman’s purse in a canal or a lake to the extreme of recovering a body from a submerged vehicle or vessel.

In cases like this it takes special individuals with specialized training to conduct these tasks. Today’s Search & Recovery Experts conduct the tedious job of Underwater Crime Scene Investigation. These dedicated professionals are responsible for removing vehicles and vessels, conducting body recoveries, searching for small objects in a foot of silt in order to effectively recover evidence and bring it to the surface.

These Specially trained divers have participated in some of the highest profile cases in history such as: the J.F.K Jr. crash in New York, TWA Flight 800 crash over the Atlantic Ocean, Value jet 592 crash in the Florida Everglades and the Laci Peterson murder in California. One thing to remember is that as a diver, your endeavors will never be the same. Each dive presents new challenges and hazards. Always conduct a preliminary investigation of the environment to which you are about to enter.

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