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Diver Down Scuba Diving Hellbender Diving Group Diving in PA

From Left to Right
Thats me Diving the Local Creeks of North Central PA.
The Best Kept Secret is the Awsome Diving in this Area
Preparing for a Hellbender Dive Photo by J Lamey
Toolbox Diving a Local Creek

Sun Rays Katie Belle Sherry Diving in PA

From Left to Right
Sun Rays seen from the bottom of a local Creek
Katie Belle one of my Dive Buddies
Sherry Lee another of my Dive Buddies
Toolbox Searching for Hellbenders Photo by Dr. P. Petokas

Baracuda Fish in Crystal River Morey Eel Alexander Spring

From Left to Right Photos by Toolbox
Baracuda off Key West
Fish seen off Key West
Morey Eel off Key West
Alexander Springs Florida

Hellbender Lock Haven Nurse Shark Ginnie Springs

From Left to Right
Hellbender Photo by Dr Peter Petokas
Local River Dive Site Photo by Toolbox
Nurse Shark off Key West Photo by Toolbox
Ginnie Springs in Florida

Manatee Dive Buddies Caymen Salvager Fish

From Left to Right
Manatee seen in Crystal River Florida
Preparing for a Hellbender dive Photo J Lamey
Caymen Salvager Wreck off Key West
School of Fish diving in Crystal River

sucker night dive night dive Fish

From Left to Right
Photos by Toolbox
Toolbox with a small adult Hellbender
Twilight dive in the River
Twilight dive in the River
Hognose Sucker seen in the Loyalsock Creek

Toolbox & Kay Tracer & Travis Keystone Divers Keystone Divers

New Years Day 2006 Dive
Photos from Sunken Treasure Scuba Center
From Left to Right
Toolbox and Katie Belle
Tracer and Travis suiting up
Keystone Divers heading to the water
Happy New Year From Keystone Divers

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Toolbox's Diver Down

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