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This is my Page for Personal and Small Commercial Prospecting and Treasure Hunting Ventures in Florida, Pennsylvania, New York and the Atlantic Coast from Florida to Canada. I will be offering this service inland to Land Owners starting in April of 2006. Underwater Metal Detecting for gold, coins and relics. Gold and Relic Dredging in the Ocean, Lakes, Ponds, Rivers and Creeks are some of the Services I can provide.

Searching for Spanish Gold, Pirate Treasure, Fossils and other artifacts off the East Coast. Tracking down Inland Relics and Treasures from the Lakes, Rivers and Streams from the Revolutionary through the Civil War in the Mountains of Pennsylvania and New York. Gold Prospecting the Glacial Deposits left from the Ice Age. Using Scuba and Surface Supplied Air Diving I'm able to provide these services in the Underwater Realm. Through Metal Detecting and Underwater Dredging.

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