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Forksville, PA. 18616
!!! A Pirate's Life for Me !!!
Toolbox the Pirate

This is my Page for Privateer Diving and Treasure Hunting Ventures on the Eastern Seaboard. I will be offering my Pirate services to the highest Bidder starting in July of 2006. Assinations Halted, Blockades Broken, Bridges Blown, Communists Crushed, Dictators Overthrown, Islands Conquered, Lost Treasures Plundered, Maps Made, Mermaids Exploited, Metals Detected, Rebellions Quelled, Rebels Rousted, Sea Monsters Slain, Ships Sunk, Virgins Violated, Wars Waged, Wench's Trained and Wrecks Salvaged are just a few of the Services I can provide. Them that dies will be the lucky ones. Arrr On the Sea or Land...Toolbox is your Man !!!

Searching for Spanish Gold, Pirate Treasure, Fossils and other artifacts off the East Coast. Tracking down Inland Relics and Treasures from the Lakes, Rivers and Streams from the Revolutionary through the Civil War. Gold Prospecting the Glacial Deposits left from the Ice Age. Using Scuba and Surface Supplied Air Diving I'm able to provide these services in the Underwater Realm. Through Metal Detecting, Air Lifts, Water Jetting, Underwater Dredging, Special OPS, Diving, Diving and more Diving...I Don't Need No Stinking ROV...Did I Mention I'm a DIVER.

Here at Last
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